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Unlock your potential with Elevate. Our program empowers you to excel in Tech Sales through expert guidance, cutting-edge resources, and a supportive community. Whether advancing your career or exploring new opportunities, Elevate provides the roadmap to a six-figure income. Discover your true potential and step towards a brighter future with Elevate.

What skills will I Elevate?

Soft Skills

Objection Handling
Persuasion Techniques
Discovery & Qualification

Hard skills

American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) certification
Manage CRMs
Demo presentations
Product research
Cold Calling
Proposal writing
Cold Emailing
Analytical thinking

Why Tech Sales?

Sales have come a long way since the pushiness of the 1980s. Salespeople used to think they needed to talk people into buying something or convince them they needed a product.

Fast forward to the 21st century, business-to-business sales are more complex, buyers are more educated, and they can find anything online. They don't need to be convinced; they need a partner to help them determine the best solution for what keeps them up at night.

This increase in demand has created a new problem: Tech companies can't find enough qualified candidates to meet the needs of the industry.

What's in it for you?

Become certified at AA-ISP and elevate your sales career.

Move into a Career that you Love and will pay you for your effort.

Be a part of a community that stands by you, supports your ongoing learning, and provides unique opportunities.

Elevate completely changed the trajectory of my life in the best way possible, in only 10 weeks. 4 months ago I had no idea of what i wanted to do with my life, a career in sales was a far off thought that never crossed my mind. Elevate unveiled my potential to be in sales and gave me all the tools needed to flourish quickly. Immediately I observed just how genuine and committed Elevates staff were to my success in becoming a Sales Development Representative, which has overall been my favorite thing about the whole process. I feel like I'm a part of a family that truly cares. Thank you Elevate for everything.

John S. Smith, Alumni of 2023

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10 Weeks of Learning

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Why Elevate might be a good fit for you:

"I am Ambitious"

In your first year, you expect to land a role. We provide the education and the network. You  bring your commitment.

"I am Selective"

By choosing Elevate, you’re choosing to join a program that has a real promise.

"I am Adventure"

Elevate is a 100% remote program. Build a future-proof career and live wherever you want (as long as there’s wifi).

"I am  A Hustler"

You’re committed to the 10 weeks, 5-10 hours a week because you know it’s going to change your life.

"I am Different"

You’re joining a community dedicated to bringing people of all backgrounds into tech.

"I Thrive In Teams"

Join hundreds of Elevate Climbers and alumni. Find a mentor, join our bi-weekly happy hours, and networking events.

"I am A College Graduated"

In search of a supportive community and a career path that offers greater stability and opportunities for income growth.

"I am a Career Changer"

As the tech industry continues to flourish, you are excited to embrace new possibilities and embark on a career switch, eagerly embracing fresh challenges that lie ahead.

"I love Tech"

As an avid gamer and a remote work enthusiast, you spend most of the time on your computer and you are now eagerly seeking a fresh career opportunity that allows you to work from home.


¹ Loans may be issued by Stride Funding, Inc or FinWise Bank, a Utah-chartered bank, Member FDIC. All loans are subject to individual approval and adherence to underwriting guidelines. Program restrictions, other terms, and conditions apply.² The effective Income Share Percentage (“ISP”) on your Income Share Loan (“ISL”) is a fixed percentage of your monthly gross income and will range between 2.10% and 10.00%, for a period of 36 months after the beginning of your payment term. Monthly payments are required and will vary greatly in amount because they depend on your specific ISP and your reported monthly gross income. Monthly repayment amount is based on your designated ISP and monthly gross income, not an Annual Percentage Rate (“APR”); the APR you actually pay will be dependent on your actual ISP and gross income for the entire duration of the loan repayment period.

To help illustrate how much you might pay on your ISP, we are providing the following example showing the total monthly payments for loans that have the maximum ISP. For this example, we are assuming an ISP of 10.0% (highest possible ISP), amount financed of $12,400, 36-month repayment period, and 3 months until graduation plus 1-month grace period. If your salary started at $40,000 and didn’t increase over the next 40 months, your monthly payments would be $333.33 per month and would end after making total overall payments of $11,999.88 over 36 months.

For this example, your total monthly payments would end after 36 months even though you would not have reached the Maximum Implied Annual Percentage Rate of 21%, because you have reached your required number of Maximum Monthly Payments first, assuming that you have no deferrals or other pauses to your payments. You may repay more or less than the amount you received, depending on your specific circumstances. Your loan has a maximum payment period (72 months) inclusive of any months where monthly payments are made and any months deferred months after you leave or graduate from your program.

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